customer psychology

What does your web site say about you?

What impression does it give and does this help your business?

Important questions.

Let’s be clear, we are no Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung, but we do know a thing or two about human thinking and behaviour, we have a very deep understanding of customers and how to devise a customer experience including customer touch points and customer journeys on websites.

Every website now has something to subscribe to or something to download, but is that what your customers want?

One think that is for sure, is they want information, that they can find quickly and answers their information request. They do not want to search around your site for the most basic of information.

But more than that, your website gives them an impression of who you are and what you can deliver. These can be subtle cues or blatant warnings .

We can provide incisive, instructive advice on how to structure and improve your web site by customer  journey and customer experience mapping.

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