google chores

Google is great.

Google is powerful.

Google is demanding.

Which of these statements would you agree with?

All of them? None of them?

One of the things that is for sure, is that how your business looks on the internet and how it appears in google searches, can severely impact on trade and visitation. Recently, working with a winery in New South Wales, we discovered that part of their old website still came up in the search results and made the business look unprofessional, out of date and suggested they were possibly no longer in business.

All too often the opening hours, menu options, pricing and other relevant information is incorrect.

We can ensure that does not happen to your business with a comprehensive scan and report on how your website is looking and what needs fixing. And, if you require, monthly monitoring and updating.

Google’s knowledge panel can be the difference between some visiting you or not.

Never have enough time , let us help we can do the updates for you.

  • An initial comprehensive google scan and report for only $299
  • monthly monitoring of your web presence – pricing can be found here

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